My mind is cluttered

So I’m lying here in bed at 11:36pm and I can’t sleep because my mind is so cluttered. I’m so confused and in limbo right now but I don’t want to spell things out on here because I don’t want to jinx the universe because I believe that whatever happens is meant to be but I wish things would happen sooner so I’m not stuck in limbo. I have so many emotions going on right now it’s crazy I’m terrified and scared and nervous and anxious and excited and happy and everything all at once but I hate not knowing. You know what I am gonna spell it out because I need to get it out of my mind. If I get accepted a year early into this bachelors degree (which I have made it through to round one of interviews in a couple weeks and am stoked about!) then Monday could be my last day of proper school (apart from final assembly and prize giving) ever ever ever and that excites me so much but it also scares the crap out of me because I haven’t told anyone that I even applied for it yet and I’m not planning to unless I get offered a place because if I don’t get in in the end then no one needs to know but like this is a big milestone if I do get in and I might miss it and also having applied for head girl if I don’t get accepted into the degree scares me too because I’m in the top three contenders for that but I’m terrified that I’ll get named head girl at final assembly and then get accepted into the degree as well and that freaks me out completely. So yeah I’m stuck in freaking limbo and I needed to get that all out of my head so sorry if this didn’t make sense and sorry for the rant I just needed it all out of my head.

Much love



6 thoughts on “My mind is cluttered

  1. Whatever you do, DON’T apologise for getting things out. I’m glad you did. It REALLY does help. You know – don’t think about it too much. Whatever happens will happen, and worrying about it only makes you panicked.

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  2. You’ll do great either way. ♡ I can bet a million gummybears that you will. 🙂
    Do ping me if you need to talk. We’ll have a life analysing comment section convo. 😛
    Or just vent it out, like you did. =D

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